Thursday, January 8, 2015

I haven't updated this blog in about a year and a half. Apologies to any who expected more from me. I have been building some stuff, and going places, and meeting a few people here and there.  photo Surfasonic53_zps7ada547e.jpg  photo Flugelhorn3_zpsd594ce4f.jpg  photo Bumperboss27_zps3fe13bc1.jpg  photo CX700beach1_zpsb54ad717.jpg  photo singletrack048_zps13247fcf.jpg

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tiki Tote (formerly Grocery Goblin)

 photo TikiTote0003_zps9a25e2eb.jpg 1962 Sears Tote Cycle 20" (451mm) Aerospoke front wheel, and NISI/Shimano Nexus3 rear with Kenda Small Block Eight tires  photo TikiTote0001_zpsf050e751.jpg 145mm Redline cranks and Odyssey pedals. JagWire cables and an old DiaCompe front brake.  photo TikiTote0002_zps472523af.jpg Native-carved (I'm a CALIFORNIA native, aren't I?) hardwood cargo deck, repurposed antique boat throttle shifter, leather saddle and bar tape on Soma Walker Racer bars (flipped).  photo TikiTote0004_zps91414459.jpg  photo TikiTote0005_zps23b027fc.jpg  photo TikiTote0006_zps988aebc7.jpg

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Did the Train/Bike to work thing today.

Early in the morning, preparations were made for departure:
The station was clean and airy, and once aboard, the bicycle car was roomy.
I rode from Chatsworth to Calabasas, so a little over two hours and $11.50 Door-to-door:

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tour de Pants - Aug 18th

Concept: The bike ride for the leisure cyclist, the classic bicycle rider, and those wanting a day of riding in the city of Ventura and along its beaches. Come spend an August afternoon riding in a cooler, coastal climate. Cruisers, classics, customs, choppers, comfort bikes, fixies, city-bikes, BMX, mountain or road… everybody is welcome. You won’t need spandex for this ride – it’s going to be a mellow cruise, averaging around 8 mph or so. Helmets are optional, though the law still requires them for riders under eighteen.  photo 474281_3458902026156_1079063740_3031822_1262542505_o.jpg The Rules: Have fun – if you’re not having fun, then why are you riding? Be considerate – ride in a predictable, relaxed manner. This will promote safety and a good time for you, auto traffic, and your fellow riders. Speak up – if you have a problem or concern, see a hazard in the path, etc., please speak up and let the riders around you know. We don’t want to leave anybody stranded alone, hurt or broken-down on the side of the road. We’re riding in a group, so if you’re not sure that somebody knows that you’re there, let them know (bells work well, if you don’t like to talk).  photo xing.jpg We're going to meet up at Ventura Harbor Village at 11am on August 18th and ride around, grab a bite or two to eat, talk, laugh and enjoy the day.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tiki Tote Assembly

I had the chance to start assembling my Sears (Huffy) Tote Cycle on Sunday: Done for the day, I think. photo 965522_10200469901844947_860869713_o.jpg Paint is far from perfect, but what the heck, right? That wheelbase is loooooong. Check it out next to my rather sizable Flying Pigeon for a comparison. Godpigeon and the Tiki Tote photo 705237_10200469908565115_1165917298_o.jpg

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Puttin' The Ol' Chopper Back Together

Time to sell some stuff, and I figure it'll be easier to make one of my two Nirve Switchblades go away if it can be ridden. Since this pic, I've swapped out the crank/chainring, replaced the front 700C wheel with a 26" double-wall heavy-duty unit to match the rear, replaced the orange glitter seat that had bolts that poked the rider in the butt through the vinyl, and sanded/painted the fork legs because the chrome was really pitted down by the dropouts.  photo NirveChopper_zpsf6dda08e.jpg Any takers at $300? Hit me up: