Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ventura Society of Trike Drifters ;)

Took the drift trikes out on Sunday:

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Blog: Got rid of the music player. You may now read in relative peace.
Life: Thought I had a major windfall that turned out to just be a banking error. A fiscal and emotional roller coaster. Car shopping on a greatly-reduced budget now.
Bikes: Godpigeon received a new rear fender, and regained its Gyes leather saddle. Tried a set of handlebars I was saving for a BMX cruiser/bomber project, and I think they found a new home. Photobucket The Leader 722 is down the road. Just too sporty a bike for an old guy like me - I don't ride hard enough to really test a frame like that anymore.
Collecting parts for the aforementioned bomber project. Checkout those SweetskinZ tires, Odyssey pedals and Redline cranks: Photobucket

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Progress on Projects

So, the Godpigeon received a change in shoes (Resist 700-35c), Bars, stem and forks, plus pedals and a seat swap:


All this to accomodate the latest ride in the stable, a Leader 722TS (58cm):


Monday, January 16, 2012

Just RIDE.

Surely, there must be room for all types of cyclists, and it is not my intent to belittle anyone. However, it is my belief that "Art Rides" and themed "Critical Mass" events do nearly as much harm as good. Mr. and Mrs. Everyman are turned off by cycling freaks and radicals more than they are inspired and/or educated by them.

A group of people to whom the mainstream can easily relate, enjoying themselves in the act of riding their bikes has GOT to be more of an inspiration than the idea that fun on a bike has to involve costumes, bulky decorations and makeup.

Believe me, fifty people on bikes WILL be noticed. Fifty people on bikes in costume will be noticed, then likely discounted by most as fringe-dwelling freaks. Fifty people taking all lanes and tying up intersections will be noticed, yelled at and be the topic of the next shift briefing at the local precinct.

All I'm saying:
If you want to expand the cycling community, people need to relate to cyclists. Those are also the same people who work with city planning commissions, vote in local elections, and petition their assemblyman for bike lanes, speed bumps and cyclist-friendly crosswalk buttons.