Sunday, May 31, 2009

Clive Waye's Dragwaye

This is one of a couple of slingshot-style straightline bikes with VW power built back inna day.

more at

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A personal soapbox racing history lesson:

Back in August '07 was when I first jumped in and joined the world of Illegal Soapbox Racers. Although I finished this race, I ended up doing it on only three wheels. Watch this video, and you'll see why. I was the idiot in the wheelchair; my faceplant has become soapbox legend now.

SFVISBF Soapbox Race 8/12/07 from Paul de Valera on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Bomber

cruiser,coaster brake challenge,bicycle
I threw this old Schwinn together last night to get ready to compete in the Coaster Brake Challenge in July. I still need to come up with some grips and more appropriate rolling stock, but at least this will let me start getting into condition. There. I posted it for all to see. Now I'll HAVE to do it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The joys of Illegal Soapbox Racing

At times, the amount of fun to be had while racing a gravity-powered junkpile down a canyon road still amazes me. Great race last Sunday; twenty-two homebuilts hurtling down Templin Highway toward a decreasing-radius curve and certain mayhem... what could go wrong?

Mikey lost a wheel. Dino flipped and tore up a front spindle. Ronald made enough contact with the LeanMachine that one of its disc brakes rubbed the rest of the morning. Nobody went to the Emergency Room, and two guys went home with trophies. It's ALL fun and games until somebody loses their balls.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Okay kids... Buy my Battle Buggy!

Revell's California Dune Buggy (EMPI Imp) on a 1:35 Stuart tank chassis, all powered by a blown BBC from Monogram's Groovy Grader. Add the obligatory skeletal tanker and some weathered olive drab, and you can have the Battle Buggy for $65.00 shipped anywhere in the U.S. of A. One available - there's only one like this in the world.
I'll most likely remove the "antenna" and let the buyer reinstall it to make safe shipping easier.

Sunday, May 10, 2009



Mess-o-schmitt is off to a new home. More for sale... Battle Buggy, '23 T BB/MR, etc.

Another T-Shirt-turned-Shop Rag

Late -80's vintage slogan shirt that my belly outgrew. Now I clean my windows with it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

One of my favorite cars of all time


My favorite T-shirts become my favorite shop rags

Boss Ride Rag
My buddy Brandon Flannery (Goodguys Gazette, Traditional Rod and Kulture, etc.) made a run at his own magazine a few years back - it was supposed to be to musclecars what TR&K is to rods. Ford took issue with his use of the word "Boss", and no other name really did the concept justice. Bonus points: name that generator.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Another one from the files.

Bloody Knuckles

Customized Hot Wheels - a hobby I've toyed with, but haven't seriously pursued (can you do that and keep it a hobby?).
This was a Dairy Delivery "Bling" with a bunch of weathering, some 1:50 scale rolling stock, and a few parts from tabletop gaming miniatures. I sold this one - I need to make another one or two for myself. I dig this thing!

It started early for my brother and me.



I hope this was stolen from somewhere, and not bought at a Smart&Final. It'd lose a lot of points if it's not ill-gotten.

A few cool bikes from PrimerNats back in '05

Daddy was a raceboat driver.

That's him on the top right, three-time world champ.

He passed a couple of years back. If I can live half as much in my lifetime as he did in his, I'll count myself lucky.

Bonneville Go Kart

I built this solid resin re-pop of the old AMT Bonneville go kart for a group build for NNL West '08. My thought was to add it to the bed of a model I was building of Mad Dog's pickup. Mad Dog has since sold his truck. I think I'll sell this small model if somebody makes an offer.

The idea was that it was a barn/backyard find. Mud, grass, peeling paint and hazed plexiglass.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Everytime I see this car...

..I think of those Mad Magazine fold-outs. You know the ones where it says one thing, but when you fold on the dotted lines it says something else? Would be great to do that on one of these truncated mordor sedan rods, wouldn't it?

CB 750 Digger Style

Long before I got my freebie '80 CB 750K, I built the Hobber...

..I'm sure that it's a little smaller than you initially thought it was:

At least I have a full-face helmet.

Drew this one up at the request of Hollywood Jim Fernandez, then he went and built it in scale - lumberjack saw, pufferfish domelight, flathead V-12... all of it.HoJo\'s Woody