Friday, June 12, 2009


I don't know how many of you travel the coastlines and canyons like I do (or for that matter, if anybody actually reads my drivel), but if you do, you've probably been trapped behind Mr. Slow. If you haven't, you probably ARE Mr. Slow.

I realize that we have some of the greatest views in the U.S. right here in So Cal, and that they may be distracting for tourists and those suffering from ADD. That said, IF YOU HAVE FIVE CARS OR MORE STACKED UP BEHIND YOU, PULL OFF THE F#@KING ROAD! The speed limit on PCH is 55 from the Malibu city limit North to Mugu, and SOME of us would like to get to work! It's just as illegal to drive 15 mph BELOW the speed limit (unless traffic conditions dictate otherwise) as it is above.

Even worse is the douchebag that is so unsure of their driving skills that they drop to 35 mph in the curves, AND THEN ACCELERATE TO 65+ WHEN THE PASSING LANE OPENS UP IN THE STRAIGHTER SECTIONS! If you can't learn to handle your vehicle, why penalize the rest of us who can? Same rule applies - five cars or more held up behind you, LET THEM PASS!

Of course, the drivers that need to read this aren't in the demographic to ever read my blog, so I can just put this down as catharsis.

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